Throwdown Thursday


Today, I have two people I wanted to spotlight. These two guys are in the fitness industry and are doing amazing things on their own in different ways.

Travis Bell

I had the pleasure of meeting Travis Bell here in Korea. He is a southern guy and we have a lot in common. One of the things that really interesting me about Travis was the way in which he trains. He is a sport performance strength coach. He fell in love with the physical training for sports while in high school. He attended Armstrong State University and graduated with a degree in Human Performance. Travis trains athletes of all sports, and loves all things human movement! He has a passion for athletic performance and works diligently to hone his skills as a performance coach to help build better athletes that perform better when it matters most…….on GAMEDAY! For training inquiries contact to set up a consultation and get started creating your best self! Also, check out his Instagram:

Russell Scott

The next guy I wanted to talk about was Russell Scott. He has been a dear friend of mine in Korea for a few years now. If I could define him in 3 words they’d be diligent, tenacious, and loyal. This guy is like a snapping turtle, he doesn’t let go until he gets results. He is a family man, ex-military, olympic lifter, and bodybuilder. Here is a link to an amazing interview he’s done: He is even working on a physiq challenge right now. So check out these links for more info:

Bottom line is, if you are wanna get in shape, the tools and help are out there. These are just two amazing sources I know. Feel free to reach out to either or both of them to get in shape!

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