Pros and Cons About Living and Working in Korea (Part 1: Pros)

This is a somewhat obligatory post; most people that do this have the same post. And, with all obligatory posts, there comes the obligatory disclaimer:

***Obligatory Disclaimer*** The post you are about to read is based on my experience alone, it is by no means applicable to everyone, it is just what I have learned from my time in Korea. It is my experience, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

With that out of the way, here is a list (subject to change on any given day) of pros I have found about living and working in Korea. In no particular order:

  1. The food! Korea has some great food. From mild to spicy and everything in between, Korean dishes are full of flavor and you get a variety of side dishes with them.2. New people. You will meet a variety of people, some will be fast friends and some will come and go from your life but they will all leave you with amazing memories. You’ll cross paths with all different personalities from all walks of life and nations all over the world.

3.   Along with new people, you experience a new culture and new adventures that come with that. Some of them               are filed under things you never speak of again and some are ones that you’ll keep etched in the forefront of your               mind and cherish.

4. Ease of access. From one of the fastest internet connections in the world, to easy and cheap public                               transportation, it is so easy to access things all over Korea. Being a small country, you can go from one end to the             other in about 5 hours. They also have some of the fastest connections to the internet. Also, it should be said that             traveling. to other parts of Asia is fairly cheap and easy as well; hell, you can even get to Japan by a quick ferry                 ride.

5. This next one kinda depends on the job you have. I have been working in university for the past three years and             I  love my job. I work less than half the time I ever did back in the states. I have more than double the amount of                 vacation I ever had with any job and I get paid about the same and more with benefits. I love most all aspects of                 my job. To note: not all jobs are created equal in Korea. Next to university, public school is the way to go. And, to               be honest, hagwon is what you wanna stay away from.

There are a lot more things I can go through, and might just do that in a future post but here are 5 pros to get you started. Next: Cons.










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